COVID-19 Pandemic Management in South Korea: Culture, Politics, and Governance
The first announcement of the COVID-19 virus as a global pandemic led to different and unforeseen experiences in life. At first, everyone perceived it differently: some did not take it seriously, while others became paranoid or hygiene-obsessed, cleaning constantly and washing almost everything brought from the market. There was no global action plan against a worldwide pandemic. Authorities introduced new regulations, different for every country, depending on the severity of cases. Italy, Spain, and France entered strict lockdowns. In Türkiye, a trial to agree on proper regulations was, and apparently, still is underway. Within a short period of time, face masks, hygiene, and social and physical distancing became the standard almost everywhere in the world. Some countries emerged as models, while others managed the situation surprisingly poorly, causing higher death rates due to incompetent intervention. . . More