2 September 2020

Starting with the Fall 2020 semester, KUASIA will admit up to three research affiliates in each academic year. Both current PhD candidates and scholars with a PhD can apply for research affiliation. Research affiliates will be provided with office space and access to library resources at Koç University.

Research affiliates should indicate KUASIA as their host institution in their published works during the affiliation period and acknowledge KUASIA’s contribution in their works submitted during the affiliation period but published after its termination. Research affiliates are also expected to make at least one presentation in KUASIA seminars and webinars.

Applicants should submit a proposal (up to 1000 words) explaining their research plans (papers, grant applications, etc.) during their affiliation at KUASIA and a C.V. to kuasia@ku.edu.tr by October 5, 2020.

Note: Office space may be subjected to pandemic-related restrictions on campus in the 2020-2021 academic year.