İpek Onmuş earned her bachelor’s degree from Koç University in Istanbul, double majoring in Media and Visual Arts along with Archaeology and History of Art. In 2013, she spent 6 weeks volunteering in Suzhou, China, which inspired her interest in Chinese culture. The following year, she participated in exchange programs at National Taiwan University and the University of Hong Kong, where she had the opportunity to learn more about Chinese arts and languages. Following her graduation in 2017, she was awarded Taiwan’s Ministry of Education’s Huayu Enrichment scholarship and went to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to study Mandarin Chinese at National Sun Yat Sen University for 9 months. Most recently, she has been named a Yenching Scholar and will pursue a master’s degree in Chinese Studies with History and Archaeology concentration at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. In Beijing, she aims to explore the historical exchange between Chinese and Turkish arts, as well as to look at the ways contemporary artists of these countries draw inspiration from traditional arts. She hopes this research can expand the scope of cultural communication between Türkiye and China. http://en.yenchingacademy.org/Scholars-2-0-2018-2-.html