Past Events

“Combating Climate Change with CO2 Capture and Conversion Technologies with KU & Korea”

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December 2018, Thursday
Location: Koç University, Istanbul
Wellbeing and Migration: Inter-Asian perspectives

KUASIA (Koç University Centre for Asian Studies) in association with the Sussex Asia Centre (University of Sussex) invite you to participate in a two-day workshop on the study of international migration from Inter-Asian perspectives. The keynote speakers for the conference are

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May 2018, Monday
Location: Koç University
International Symposium on Japanese and Turkish Humanitarian Aid

Asia-Pacific Research Center (APAM) "Exchange of Experiences for the Future: Japanese and Turkish Humanitarian Aid & Support Activities in Conflict Zones"

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February 2018, Monday
Location: Ankara University Rectorate Building 100. Yil Conference Hall Time: 09:00
KUASIA Inauguration Panel

KUASIA Inauguration Panel The Asian Century? Dynamics of Geopolitics, Economy and Power KUASIA organized an opening panel in Founders' Hall on May 9th, 2017. Distinguished speakers from India, China and the UK discussed whether we live in the Asian Century and the dynamics

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May 2017, Tuesday
Location: Founders’ Hall
Conference on Diaspora, Development and Migration

KUASIA, MiReKoc and Center for Development Studies (CDS) organized a two-day conference between January 23 and 25, 2017 in Trivandrum, India. This conference on diasporas, development and migration in Asia brought together a group of experts from India, Türkiye and Hong Kong.

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January 2017, Monday
Location: India