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Why Asia Center?

Given the infancy of research and education on Asia in Turkey, Koç University’s Center for Asian Studies (KUASIA) will fill an important gap by carrying out research and promoting young scholars and students to study various topics of relevance to Asia and Turkey in the 21st Century. Koç University is endowed with unique characteristics to further scholarship and expertise on Asia thanks to its international connections, solid multidisciplinary teaching and research capabilities, English language medium of operation and instruction, as well as its adaptive and pioneering leadership.


Our Perspective

First and foremost, the mission of the Koç University Center for Asian Studies (KUASIA) is to produce and disseminate high quality comparative and interdisciplinary academic and policy-relevant research on Asia. Other main objectives are providing government and business circles with policy relevant analysis on the region and working closely with national and international academic institutions both in the region and beyond. We accomplish these goals by organizing public lectures, seminars, and conferences on various social, cultural, economic, security and political issues.

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Koç University has already an impressive number of partner universities in Asia. KUASIA recently signed MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with University of Sussex and Beijing Foreign Studies University in order to establish an institutional framework for research collaboration, policy elaboration and knowledge exchange on Asia. KUASIA is an active member of Inter-Asian Dynamics Research Network with the aim of investigating interactions within Asia across the fields of politics and policy, economics and trade, education and migration, the environment and development, and religion and culture.

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