Book Talk by Mr. Fatih Oktay

Mr. Fatih Oktay is going to talk about his new book on China: New Global Player and Changing Power Balances in the World Today.

China’s Rise in a Changing World

Chinese economy grew from being insignificant to being the world’s largest (in purchasing parity terms) in just a few decades. In this book talk, Mr. Fatih Oktay will first discuss the economic, social, political impacts on the world of this meteoric growth. Then he will talk about the past drivers of and the likely future impediments to this growth, and how these are likely to play out to shape the future of the Chinese economy and the world.

Short Biography of Speaker

Fatih Oktay received his BS in Electronic Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He received an MA and studied for a Ph.D. in Economics at the State University of N.Y. He began researching Chinese economy in the context of his Ph.D. dissertation on Technology and Economic Development. Subsequently he worked in the financial technology sector while continuing his academic research on China. He was a former Executive Vice-President of Demirbank (currently HSBC Türkiye); a former Director of Technology Development at Akbank; and a former IT consultant at Arthur Andersen. After 2000s, except for a period where he has served as the CEO of a technology start-up, he has worked exclusively on China as a business developer, researcher, lecturer, and writer. At Koç University and Sabancı University, he taught courses on Chinese Economy and Business. He is the author of the book titled Çin: Yeni Büyük Güç ve Değişen Dünya Dengeleri [in Turkish] (China: New Global Player and Changing Power Balances in the World Today) released in 2017 by İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları.