Network of Asian Students at Koç University

Brief Synopsis

Celebrating the diversity at Koç University, NASK (The Network of Asian Students at KU) will serve as a platform to unify all Asian students studying at different departments and hailing from different countries. The network will allow students to interact with peers having both similar and diverse ethnicities from nearby and distant neighbors. Such a specialized joint platform would provide opportunity for better idea mobility and exchange of cultural, political and economic intellect at KU.

Currently, there are almost 100 international students at Koç University from Asia – more than any other continent – either as undergraduate exchange students or full time graduate students. Their mere presence and the anticipation that a growing number of Asian students would arrive at KU in the future calls for formation of a dedicated student community under KUASIA. This will not only allow students from different parts of Asia to acquaint among themselves but also providing the university an opportunity to learn more from the unique aura they bring.

Organic Collaboration with KUASIA

The establishment of KUASIA advocates the significance of academic research on Asia. While the research center is still developing, its growth can be accelerated through active involvement from NASK. Asian students not only participate in attending the events and seminars organized by KUASIA but also help actively in organizing them with KUASIA. The students at NASK will further bring in their valuable insights to substantiate the research being conducted on Asia and become part of the specific research projects run by faculty members. New facets about the region could also be known through such synergies, therefore helping KUASIA expand and develop acclaimed work.

Person in Charge: Mustasim Azhar, RA at KUASIA: